Where to Elope in Bend, Oregon


Waterfall elopement in Bend Oregon

There are few places with as diverse of views to elope than Bend, Oregon. From mountain views to desert to the ponderosa pine forest here are my favorite spots – from resorts that have all inclusive packages to on top of a mountain to epic views that don’t require too much of a hike to get to! All of these locations are within 45 minutes of Bend.

A few tips and things to consider when you plan your Central Oregon elopement:

  1. How many people will be attending? Eloping can mean different things to different people – are you thinking just the two of you and an officiant or will your close friends and family be attending? If it’s larger, consider the logistics of parking, where the guests can stand, and what they’ll do after the ceremony. For many locations the permitting requirements change based on the number of people so it’s something you’ll want to pay close attention to and double check.
  2. What will you do before and after the ceremony? You’re probably considering eloping because you want to have a day that’s all about you- so don’t make it an elongated photoshoot without activities that are truly centered around you! Want to start off the day with a couples massage overlooking the mountains? Maybe snack on an epic charcuterie board in a meadow at sunset? A popsicle toast with your best friends? A private chef come and make you the meal of your dreams at an airbnb? The amazing thing about eloping is that you have so many options and because of the smaller scale- it’s easier to splurge a little bit!
  3. Consider the crowds and avoid weekends. Obviously parks and hikes tend to be a lot more crowded on weekends – especially during peak season. Plan a weekday wedding to have less crowds! Even better some vendors have minimums on weekends but often will often waive that for a mid-week wedding.
  4. How much do you want to do logistically? Are you considering eloping because the thought of the time planning anything is too much? There are a number of resorts in Central Oregon that offer elopement specials that take care of the bulk of the planning and vendor coordination.
  5. Looking to hike? You’ll want to make sure you have the correct footwear, a way to bring wedding accessories (bouquets etc), and an adventurous spirit! Even if you aren’t hiking be prepared to get your attire a little bit dirty – it’s worth it, I promise.

Where to Elope near Bend, Oregon:

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