Bend Oregon Intimate Backyard Wedding | McKenna and Aldy


This Bend, Oregon intimate backyard wedding was beyond compare! In other words, McKenna & Aldy had my absolute favorite type of wedding: meaningful, simple, and absolutely beautiful.

The day was picture perfect from the detailing of McKenna’s dress to Aldy’s expression as she walked down the aisle. The sun made McKenna glow like she was the only person there. The beads on her dress caught the warm afternoon sun and bounced the rays to the crowd. The light breeze moved the bridesmaid dresses as though they were waves in the ocean. Everything about the day was as perfect as the intimate backyard venue.

Only in Bend, Oregon does a backyard wedding have such diverse scenery.

The intimate backyard wedding had views ranging from the high desert to the flawlessly manicured lawn. Most importantly, it didn’t matter where you wandered off to, your breath would be taken away by the sights. I loved exploring the backyard wedding venue to capture McKenna and Aldy’s day. We found desert paths and openings in the forest making for extraordinary portraits. To sum it up, the day was memorable because the venue was extremely personal.

Meaningful, Simple, and Absolutely Beautiful

In other words, the wedding was SO fun to shoot. From beginning to end the day was an adventure. Most importantly I got to capture it all! McKenna’s dress was simple and elegant. The bridesmaids all had dresses that flowed in the afternoon breeze. The lavender of the dresses complimented the greenery of the intimate backyard wedding. In addition her bouquet was simple and the flower was even on the cake!

The Cake

The wedding cake was a simple 3-tier naked cake with flowers dancing around the cake topper saying, “happily ever after.” McKenna’s aim was a tad off and got the cake on his nicely groomed beard. The mess made for a great shot and a memory of cleaning up after! Aldy didn’t seem to be phased by the fiasco as he still got to eat it!

Now for the Photos!

Aldy & McKenna’s intimate Bend Oregon backyard wedding was so fun to capture and I am thrilled to share a few of my favorite photos.

McKenna's simple and elegant dress hung on a hanger that says bride in cursive against a window to show the intricate beading on the bust of the dress, the bride's rings glimmering on top of the tie of her wedding heels.
The bride gazing to her right. The morning cocktail placed on a lace table cloth next to her bouquet and shoes. The bride and her bridesmaids smiling while holding their mimosas in customized glasses.
McKenna and her bridesmaids standing together in their robes in the midst of getting ready for the day with their mimosas smiling.
Aldy's shiny dress shoes and bowtie, Aldy looking down to adjust his belt and his suspenders in preparation to walk down the aisle of his backyard wedding.
The mother of the bride is helping button up her dress while the bride holds the dress in place, a close-up of the buttoning up of the brides dress, showing the intricate detail of beading, the bride preparing to walk down the aisle while a bridesmaid holds her dress and a mother makes final adjustments to the dress and hair.
Aldy and his groomsmen standing together in the dessert with the forest behind them .
McKenna with bridesmaids on either side wearing different shades of lavender dresses in different styles.
The bridal party looking over their shoulders smiling. A portrait of the bride with the intimate backyard scenery behind her.
Aldy waiting for his bride to walk down the aisle while the sun beams on him. McKenna being walked down the aisle of the beautiful backyard venue.
McKenna being handed off to Aldy at their intimate backyard wedding. The couple holds hands as the ceremony is underway.
The bridal party is caught in a light breeze while the ceremony is underway. The bride and groom are pronounced husband and wife and seal it with a kiss.
The newlyweds walk down the lush grass of their intimate backyard wedding while the wedding party prepares to leave behind them.
McKenna celebrating her marriage with both of her arms in the air holding the bouquet.  A portrait of the wedding party with the intimate backyard scenery behind them.
A portrait of the wedding party having conversation while the couple looks at eachother lovingly.
A portrait of the couple in the dessert of the intimate backyard wedding in Bend, Oregon.
McKenna playfully leads Aldy on the dessert trail, her dress and hair flow in the breeze as he follows.
McKenna and Aldy walking through the backyard forest holding hands and looking at eachother as her dress trails gracefully behind her. McKenna and Aldy hugging eachother, she is holding onto his neck while her holds her close to him by the waist, they are smiling at eachother while soaking in every bit of their intimate Bend Oregon backyard wedding.
A portrait of the newlyweds sharing an intimate kiss after their backyard wedding ceremony in Bend, Oregon.
Bend Oregon Intimate Backyard Wedding
Bend Oregon Intimate Backyard Wedding
Portrait of the couple during their first dance.
Portrait of the bride and her father dancing.
Portrait of the groom and his mother dancing.
Bend Oregon Intimate Backyard Wedding
Bride and groom cutting and eating wedding cake.
Portrait of bride and groom at their Bend Oregon Intimate Backyard Wedding
Portrait of bride and groom as sun sets at their Bend Oregon Intimate Backyard Wedding
The wedding party hits the dancefloor in the simple yet intimate Bend, Oregon backyard wedding
Everyone who attended the Bend Oregon Intimate Backyard Wedding raising their glasses in celebration.

Dress: Bella Brides

Catering: Cody’s BBQ

Suit: Men’s Warehouse

Second Photographer: Gwen Shoemaker

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