Best Affordable Wedding Venues in Bend, Oregon


Are you looking for an affordable wedding venue Bend? As a wedding photographer here are my top favorites that may be on the cheaper side but still offer plenty of opportunity to have amazing an wedding and photos! Most of these are a blank slate which means you’ll need to bring in tables, chairs, lighting, food, etc. These costs do add up so it might be worth double checking the math.

All of these are in scenic locations so your guests will still experience the magic of Central Oregon.

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My top affordable wedding venues:

Skyliner Lodge

Originally built in the 1940s by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC), Skyliner Lodge served as a recreational retreat for forest rangers and their families. The lodge was part of the larger Skyliner Ski Area, which featured ski trails and a warming hut.

Nestled among pine forests and creek, the Skyliner Lodge provides a romantic rustic backdrop for your wedding. They have a built in arch for the ceremony and commercial kitchen on site. Most people opt to both get married and have the reception outside nestled throughout the large pine trees.

With an outdoor capacity of 100 it has plenty of room to spread out but this is a venue you have to really bring everything in and out.

A few things to consider for a Skyliner Lodge Wedding is that there is no getting ready space on site. You’ll want to plan to get ready off site (and somewhere well lit, your photographer will thank you!). There are also strict rules around amplified music – as of writing this blog post speakers are allowed but no amplified noise. Booking if fairly straight forward, you email the caretaker (who lives upstairs) after checking availability on this google calendar. I also highly recommend taking some time to go up on the ridge for some sunset photos!

As of this blog post, the venue fee is $800 for a weekend event which really makes this one of the most affordable wedding venue in Bend! Keep in mind that you’ll need to rent chairs, tables, lights and really everything else.

Aspen Hall

Getting married at Aspen Hall in Bend, Oregon, offers a charming blend of rustic elegance and natural beauty. Surrounded by pine an aspen trees Aspen Hall provides a picturesque backdrop and is probably the most popular affordable wedding venue.

Couples can have their ceremony outdoors with the pond or ponderosas in the background or inside the cozy hall in front of the fireplace. Aspen Hall’s versatile spaces allow a true blank canvas. You can have your reception outside with food trucks or a plated meal using their commercial kitchen.

The venue accommodates larger weddings of up to 150 guests. The venue does have 150 black chairs and 25 folding tables- although most couples opt to rent chairs in my experience.

Renting is through Bend Parks and Rec and you can check available dates using this online calendar. Pricing is $2400 for weekends as of this blog post. Keep in mind that there is no getting ready space on site and the fishing pond can be crowded during summer. Parking is easy on site but there can be a fair amount of foot traffic and people enjoying the park. I’ve asked families to move to the other side of the lake for a ceremony but the public does have full access to the lake, although generally it seems like the area quiets down by dusk.

Smith Rock

The most scenic of all the options – Smith Rock’s North point amphitheater is a beautiful spot for a wedding. Set amongst the towering cliffs overlooking the Crooked River it has an elevated ceremony site with on site bench seating for guests.

The ampthitheater is capped at 50 guests so it’s on the smaller side and there is limited (if any) space for a reception.

Smith Rock can only be reserved 6 months in advance and is booked by calling the ranger. If you’re after a popular date it can be quite competitive as plenty of people want to get married here.

There is no getting ready space and only portapotties exist in the North Point part of the park. The aisle and ceremony spot are set and it means you’ll likely have cars in the background of photos of you walking down the aisle. There is no indoor space and Smith Rock can be quite windy. However, the views really are unbelievable here and it’s one of my absolute favorite spots for a wedding. Please take at least 10 minutes to take some truly epic sunset photos!

Unitarian Church

If you’re after modern vibes on a budget you might want to check out the Unitarian Church. The very modern building is on 22 acres on the west side of Bend and has room to host very large weddings. The building itself is beautiful but my favorite part is the wooden accents around the inside of the space.

The ceremony usually takes place in the sanctuary which has a slightly elevated space area with large vertical wood backdrop. They have room to host at least 150 guests in this spot. Alternatively, there is a small outdoor location for smaller weddings.

There is a getting ready area on site but with very limited natural light. Another thing to consider is that they do not allow you to take down any of the existing artwork.

The Unitarian Church’s modern design and inclusive atmosphere make it suitable for various wedding styles. Couples can expect support from a compassionate community that values acceptance and equality.




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