4 Places to Elope or have a Micro Wedding


Central Oregon has so many absolutely incredible places to elope or consider for your micro wedding. Here I have compiled some of my favorite.

Elopement wedding photos taken at No Name Lake, one of the most popular places to elope in Central Oregon


This place is well worth the hike! (The longer hike is actually 13 miles each way.) In for a blue glacial lake, stunning views of broken top, and on top of the ridge views of the entire three sisters range? Along the way, there are meadows with great views of Mt. Bachelor and streams.

Broken Top can be very busy in the summer, so I would suggest starting as early as possible. A sunrise elopement would be incredible here! Starting in May of 2021, there will be a permitting system so ensure that you get permits for your entire group.

There are two ways to hike up to Broken Top. The longer route is 13 miles each way and generally opens in July. If you have a 4 wheel drive car and you’re okay with some seriously rough road, you can cut off the majority of the hike by driving 4.5 miles past the Soda Creek trailhead and linking up right with trailhead number 10. This road is not always open. Other than word of mouth, it can be impossible to find out if it is open. I would suggest planning on hiking the full 13 miles in. This blog has detailed directions on both hikes.

Collage of styled imagery of sunset elopement session at Smith Rock


For one of the most striking landscapes in Central Oregon, consider eloping at Smith Rock. There are many incredible vistas you can elope at if it’s just the two of you. If you are having your family/friends attend, you will need to rent out the Amphitheater. Typically, you can rent this out 9 months prior to the event. But with COVID, we’ve heard that it’s 30 days to 2 weeks out for 2021. (Please call the rangers for the most up to date information). Because of the delicate desert landscape, Smith Rock is strictly enforcing (with a serious fine) that couples stay on the trail. But don’t worry! There are incredible views right on the trails there! Sunset is absolutely incredible at Smith, but it can be crowded.

Sunny lakeside micro wedding with vintage vibes and a 1940's flat cap.


You might not think of this place as it’s often covered in people floating the river as a decent location but with it’s tall oak trees and less popular parts of the upper park Drake Park can be a beautiful spot for a micro wedding or elopement. It’s easy to park and walk right into the park for older relatives. In order to get a permit, call Bend Parks & Rec! Bonus for this location is you can go right out to dinner/grab some champagne at one of Bend’s great restaurants a 5 minute walk from the location.


If you search any Bend related hashtags in the summer you’ll likely be inundated by pictures of Smith Rock and for good reason, Sparks has some of the best views of South Sister and Broken Top and is an easy walk from the parking lot. For just a $5 parking permit there a 2 main locations at Sparks to consider eloping. From the main boat dock area you can walk right to the beach and have the lake reflecting the mountain views behind you. At the start of the road to Sparks, Soda Creek Campground has an expansive meadow for a greener (or yellow in the fall) look. Both sunrise and sunset are beautiful here and with camping open in the summer- you could even have a small micro wedding party in tents/trailers! Sparks Lake can have some serious mosquitoes in the early summer and as this spot has become instafamous, you might be competing for the best location with other weddings/family photography sessions.


To prevent a spot from becoming instafamous, I’ll keep these locations off the internet – but Central Oregon has so many absolutely incredible places to consider for your elopement or micro wedding. I love helping couples pick a place and plan their absolutely perfect day- so if you’re looking for somewhere magical and off the beaten path, get in touch!




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