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Aspen Hall Wedding | Allie & Garrett


My favorite thing about an Aspen Hall is that every wedding is completely different. It’s truly a blank canvas. Allie & Garrett both work for the City of Bend so it makes sense they would pick one of the park districts wedding venues. They met at work and even had one of their former bosses officiate the ceremony- a truly Bend wedding.

Aspen Hall takes some sweat to make your vision come to life and I highly recommend having a planner to take some of the stress away. Chelsea from Radiant Event Co is not only highly detailed and great at her job, she’s laid back and fun to spend the day with.

Garrett is from Vermont and brought in many Vermont-y elements. From maple syrup to a late night poutine bar.

These two were clearly just so incredibly happy. Throughout the day I would see Garrett – a rather serious fellow – look at Allie with just pure joy on his face. They continued their adventure by building a home in Bend with Garrett managing it.

Couples are often worried that there will be fisherman/park people in the background if you get married at Aspen Hall. Generally, people will scaddadle once they see a wedding starting but I asked a few fisherman (in some neon clothing) if they could move for the ceremony.

Allie & Garrett opted not to have a wedding party but still wanted to have some photos with their friends! I ask all my couples to send over a formal shot list to ensure we get all the must haves.

The lighting that Illuminate your Night truly made the atmosphere at Aspen Hall. Allie & Garrett opted to have their dance floor outside (which I highly recommend) illuminated with string lights and lanterns.

Shevlin Park Sunset Photos

I convinced them to quickly go up to the Shevlin ridge at sunset (which they were on the fence about leaving their party) for truly some of the most amazing photos of the day. In less than 5 minutes we were able to get some truly epic photos. Generally, sunset photos are always worth quickly leaving and a quick un-bustle. It also gives you a quick moment to spend some time just the two of you!

Are you planning your Aspen Hall Wedding? I’d love to chat!

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