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Why I love being a Bend Wedding Photographer


Hey friends! If you’ve been around here a while, you probably picked up on how much I love Oregon. Bend is not only where I’m from, but it’s been such a fantastic place to have a wedding photography business. I actually left Bend for more than 10 years- but after I had adventured around the world and in NYC I knew that Central Oregon was ultimately my home! It’s hard to narrow down why I love being a Bend wedding photographer, but here’s a few of the top reasons! 

The diversity of Oregon landscapes

The variety we have in the Pacific Northwest is unrivaled! We can be in the snowy mountains, in an open meadow, in a desertscape, or a wooded forest all within a couple minutes’ drive. Sometimes, it’s all within a few feet! Central Oregon can make places that are just off a parking lot look like an epic adventure. The close-by variety makes a drastic scenery change so easy too!

The adventurous spirits of my couples 

Bend area is like a magnet for adventurous people. From engagement session hikes to walking in high heels through the forest for those epic wedding photos, my couples trust me to create magic with them. 

The diversity of the wedding venues

The Bend Oregon area is home to elegant halls like the Great Hall in Sunriver Resort and Brasada Ranch, and wedding venues where you can truly create your own space and atmosphere like Aspen Hall, White Aspen, and Shepherdsfield. Or, ditch the venue altogether and elope in the mountains! Whatever your theme, style, or size of your wedding, you can find the perfect venue in Oregon.

Authenticity of my couples and the unique wedding days they create

So many people want to make sure that their wedding day completely reflects them.  From handmade details to reciting secret vows before the ceremony just the two of you, my couples have found amazing ways to let their personalities shine in their wedding plans. 

Have I made you fall for Oregon yet?

Okay, okay… so this wasn’t all about Oregon. The people are a big part of why I love being a Bend wedding photographer, too! Locals, tourists, and traveling elopers alike come through Oregon to get married, and I love being able to capture their unique wedding days!

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